The Beginning

Welcome to Cosmic Romantic!

We've been working super hard to curate and launch a brand that we can be proud of! Cosmic Romantic embodies so many things for our little team running it, including self-empowerment, love, creativity, and the power of intention setting/manifesting what we envision for ourselves and going after it!

We hope Cosmic Romantic will come to represent these things for you too! 
Presently, we're offering some core apparel and home decor pieces, but will expand to include additional designs and a variety of accessories and decor items that speak to our favorite aesthetics. 
Some of our favorite Cosmic Romantic pieces are below! 
Speaking of Aesthetics - See below for some of our favorite artworks by artists who have helped to inspire our brand vision! It will help you to get an idea for what Cosmic Romantic is all about! 
We hope you'll join us on this journey as we grow and create a community of like minded art and celestial enthusiasts.


Artist: Unknown
Artist: Cult Class


  Artist: Norman Duenas
Artist: BambashkART


Artist: Jumo.Art 
Artist: SimplyToxic_
 Artist: @veryrealfantasy
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