Collaboration Spotlight: løpz

Collaboration Spotlight: 



We’re so excited to introduce our newest collaboration collection with you on Cosmic Romantic. Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself. :)  

I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've graduated in graphic designer and worked for many years with art direction for advertising. Today I am part of a collaborative store project. Helping new artists, producers, artisans and encouraging other types of economic models has been very gratifying for me. I love music, cinema, art and literature and I think life is a GREAT JOURNEY OF THE ABSURD, so let's make it worth it. Briefly that's it.


We love your use of dark colors and the worlds you’re able to create in your collages. What most inspires you to create them? 

As I said before, I like many forms of expression and I really think inspiration may be found everywhere possible. But Films noir, cyberpunk visuals, German expressionist cinema, B movies, pop surrealism, retrofuturism, brazilian folklore and baroque art are definitely my main inspirations  

Please tell us about the creative process - How do you begin a piece? What software do you use? Where do you get your materials?

   I've been feeling more comfortable with digital collage lately, I like its ephemeral character and the feeling that it's not finished even when published. I basically use photoshop and illustrator in this process.  

 What has been your favorite piece you’ve created and do you have more in the works you’re especially excited about?

I don't really have a favorite piece and usually time makes me get a new look at all the designs. I felt the need to experiment with new themes, explore other universes. I want to work on it.  


Is music influential to your creative process? If so, in what way? What is your go-to music when creating? 

 Music is a very important element for me in many aspects of life.

Neil Young, Otis Redding, Morphine, Coltrane and 60's and 70's samba are the things that inspired me in this process.  

Do you ever collaborate with other artists? Is there a particular artist you're dreaming of working with? 

 I really enjoy working with artists from other fields, like writers and musicians, they always manage to inspire me in different ways in my design process.I would love to work with Rodchenko or Miles Davis, but I think they're dead, right?


How do you balance work/life with your creative projects?  What do you do when you have a creative block?

Creative block seems like the million dollar question for all of us who work in creation. I tend to think that every process, creative or not, requires discipline and background. And yes, 5% talent is important too. 
You’ve focused on the occult and aliens a lot in your work, what is the significance of the extraterrestrial to you, and is this a theme you’ll continue to use in your collages? 


The unknown in general has always intrigued me in its most diverse forms and interpretations. I consider myself a very skeptical and pragmatic person, and maybe that's why these themes inspire me to discover a parallel reality far from what my usual rationality suggests. 

And Possibly these themes will always be present in my works, more or less frequently. What do you hope people get out of your artwork? 

I don't think much about it, about how people are going to interpret my work. Every artistic expression no longer belongs only to you when viewed by others and that's about it.
What advice would you give to fans of your artwork and those who’d like to start collaging?


I would like to thank everyone who consumes my art in the most different ways. I feel very glad for that.And the advice about starting to do anything is: do it!